Mar 15
Search Engine Optimisation is a process where by you want to optimise your web site for a number of different reasons

To obtain rankings in the natural search engine results (free listings), a site needs to have relevant content presented in the correct technical way. Truly successful SEO projects require the use of a disciplined approach and proven methodology. Aus eCom Connections approach to SEO has been developed over 16 years of managing Telecommunication and Software Projects (rapid development and Incremental) to perfect and covers areas such as looking at your Business Foundations, research, content, publicity, Social Networking Building Credibility and Continuous Improvement.

Use SEO for

  • Long Term Traffic Generation
  • Low Cost Sales / Service Conversions
  • Building your Brand
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Compliment other Marketing avenues

Blog Marketing

The content of a website should normally be well structured and formal(when the web designer has done a good job). However a normal web site is limited in its ability to generate new and fresh unique content. Normally this would involve contacting the web designer and asking them to add additional content (with the additional cost). However there are two solutions to this problems, the first is the implementation of a Content Management Systems (CMS), the second solution is to add/integrate a blog to your site. A Blog allows you to publish a new article within minutes of the content being created. As a blog has a navigational framework, then you do not need to worry about broken navigational links. A Blog has built in SEO and marketing features and allows the article to be indexed very quickly by the search engines.

Use BLOG Marketing for

  • Build an Online Reputation
  • Create a More Engaging Site
  • Support & Expand Site’s SEO
  • Attract Incoming Links
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Expand you online presences
  • Participate more in the online discussion

Why BLOG Marketing?

  • Blogs draw in new customers
  • Google friendly Structure
  • SEO elements built in
  • Extremely fast Indexing
  • Provides detailed information on your products
  • Provides a means to network online
  • Its easy to join a converstation
  • Easy to track how ideas spread
  • Many feedback mechanisms
  • Easy to set up and update (wordpress)
  • Many ways for ideas to spread
  • Blogs have many signs of social value
  • Blog do not feel like you are reading an ad

Use Link Building for

  • Increasing PageRank (remember it is visitor conversions which is important)
  • Improving Search Engine Rankings
  • Maximising Effectiveness of On-Page optimisation
  • Assists in building your online authority
  • Important factor in the Google Algorythm
  • Provide another way for custonmers to find your products and services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine Marketing consists both of Natural organic search results and Pay per click advertising.
The purpose of Search engine Marketing is to displays ads only to people who are looking for your particular product or service, based upon the search phrase you have type into the search engine portal(eg Google).

Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for

  • Your website is new and you need to kick start your business
  • Generation of new leads
  • Help improve your Revenue
  • Build your Brand
  • Cover Keywords not in your SEO campaign
  • Cover mis spellings not in your SEO campaign
  • Test the Market

Landing Page Design

Improve online conversion rates

Aus eCom Connections designs landing pages in accordance with best practice and the latest research and case studies. We can help improve your ROI (Return On Investment) & marketing ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending).

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