Web Content Manager

Your website is out of date?

  1. Too Busy to make the changes to your web site ?
  2. Lacking the skills to make the web page updates ?
  3. Believe all web services are expensive !

Aus ecom Connections can be your web content update manager.

One of the biggest problems facing small business is to keep their web sites up to date with information which is current for their customers and potential customers.

When a website is not updated with the correct information then this make your business look unprofessional and may in turn visitors, customers and potential customers away from your site.

Benefits of Updated web content

In the worst case of a retail store, you may have the incorrect prices on your website and the customer purchases an item through your online payment system. Now need to honour the contract to supply the item at the discounted price. This could quickly add up to several thousand dollars very quickly, if many people make the same discovery.

Some of the beneifits, of an updated web site and up to date content, include;

  • Improved profit margins.
  • More potential customers.
  • Returning visitors.
  • Improved branding and credibility.

Do not let your shortage of time or resources, deprive you of potential customers and having a great website full of fresh and unique content. Do not lose customers to your competition.

There is no contract to keep using our web content update service regardless of how little or large your initial update is.

You can notify us with the changes by email, contact us directly by phone or plan the change in over time to meet a specific deadline.

Aus eCom Connections can update your web page from as little as $25 for small changes and or at a rate of $45 / hour. This is a small price to pay to ensure you are not losing any customers due to a outdated website.

Free Web Updates

When you want to reduce and control your web update cost, Aus eCom Connections can also help by implementing a CMS System on top of current website; so that you can make your own Web updates when ever you need and to allow the additon of additional web pages so that you can grow the content over time.