SEO Web Copywriting

SEO web copywriting is all abour your brand: every sentence, every word, every punctuation mark.

SEO copywriting is no just the scripting of words for use on a web site, encompases the best of Web Copywriting and few more additonal techniques which designed to stimulate a precise, pre-determined behaviour and help to propel your website to the top of Google Search Engine Results Page. Great Copywriting is about engaging your visitor to read your content and to take a defined call to action (ie make a purchase, request a quote, make a phone enquiry and more..).

Traditionally Display ads in a newpaper, will have a 3% conversion rate, costing serveral hundred dollars for a single issue, the price being proportional to distribution and readership. The larger the readership the more a single colum ad will cost. Unfortunately the life time for a weekly publication is only several days and the life time for a montly publication is between 7 and 10 days, meaning that after 10 days for a monthly, you are highly unlikely to get any more enquires from the current publication.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing on the other hand has a audience of over 12 million in Australia alone, with an active audience of 6.65 million people in Australia, of which 86% have made a purchase online in the last 12 month.

When your business offers products or services to the global audience then your potential market is significantly larger than that of a local newspaper or even the yellow pages.

Web Copywriting

Copywriting is an art which most people can learn and understand, through training lessons and practice.

Combine the SEO Copywriting Course with pratical tips on how to optimise your web page for the search engines then you will have a web page which will draw the search engines in to index your Web Content, and convert your visitors to paying customer.

Correct SEO Copywriting is about understanding your customers, understanding how they think and delivering the correct subliminal messgaes, so the potential customer will purchase your product or service.

Aus eCom Connections is experienced in delivering a targetted message to your visitors, and potential customer so that they take the desired Call to action and purchase your product or service.
Aus eCom Connection can be your SEO Web Copywriting Manager; We will ensure your targeted message reaches the greatest possible audience
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