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Web Site Updates

Having up to date fresh unique content, is more important your online business than getting your wellow pages ad in on time. Ensuring all your links are working, the product updates are done and reflect the correct price and the correct contact information is available.

When your website is out of date, it is highly likely you will experience a high bounce rate( visitors leaving immediately with the back button). The result of this is that you have lost sales, you have lost a potential (and possibly returning) customer for ever, and it is very difficult to recover from this lost customer.

The Content you have on your web page should convey your company brand, convey accurate and fresh information so that your customer know that you keep up with the latest trends and that you are knowledgeable. Website content must be up to date so that visitors return to the site and become customers.

Aus eCom Connections can help by keeping your content up to date as your free lance content manager from as little as $25 for a small change and at a rate of $50/hour. Aus ecom can also help by updating you content so that it is SEO friendly and will be looked upon favorably by Google.

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