Mar 13
There are a number of options available when selecting web hosting. These options are largely dependent upon you technical ability, and your knowledge of setting up a hosting account and having access to a webmaster.

Linux or Windows Hosting

The type server will determine what type of database that you can run, it will determine the software which can run and features available to you. As a general rule, Linux is more reliable, and more software applications are available to be installed for use with your website.

One advantage of a linux hosting is that normally sitebuilder software is available to allow the user to create their own website without any html knowledge. A SiteBuilder is a Content Management System which has a number of templates available, and allows you to modify your website without any technical knowledge.

Hosting TIP : Make sure the sitebuilder software creates Google friendly sites.

One further advantage of linux; there are a large number of experts out on the internet that can help out with linux hosting problems. The use of linux allows you to use the file “.htaccess” which is widely used in blogs, and php programs.

LOW cost web hosting

If the hosting is inexpensive then this means that there have been corners cut somewhere. In most cases this usually means that you need to set up and configure your own email accounts, set up the hosting and the configuration and the type of software which you install as well as creating your own webpage (even if it is with sitebuilder). This option is best exercised when you have the support of a technical person.

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