Mar 13

WEB Designer Solutions

There are a number of solutions which web designers provide, and these all depend on how much profit the web design company is trying to make from your inexperience. regardless of which option you select, you must ensure that you have access to the source code so that you will own the source and that should you change hosting providers then you do not have to do any design of the web site again.

CMS Solutions

The web designer builds you a web page which uses a CMS, this then allows you to modify the content of your web page, they also create a number of email addresses for you and inform you how to configure outlook/Thunderbird. There should also be an option to access the email by the web. You would go to the website to log into your email. With a CMS soultion you should not have to pay extra for the addition of applications, clarify this before you proceed.

Hand Coded Web pages

These web sites are going to be the most efficient when it comes to optimising for google as you have full control over all of the elements on the web page, however to change the web page it will require the assistance of a technical person to make the web page changes, as well as; uploading the web page to the server via a ftp program. To utilise this option, you will need to get an agreed cost per hour rate for the modifications or pay a monthly subscription fee, which will include a number of updates to the web page, this subscription fee could also be incorporated into the subscription fee for SEO work.

Renting of the website

In some instances the web design company will retain full control of the domain and web host, so in effect you are simply renting the space and domain and are not in control of your own business. Taking this approach may seem cheaper in the short run, however should you wish to change your hosting provider, you may find yourself without any source code to your web site , and your domain name may belong to the web design company. This strategy should be discourage as the Long term cost is more expensive, especially considering aspects such as losing Page rank, potential customers in the migration, and the design cost associated with redeveloping the web site.

Ideal Solution

The Best Solution a new Start up Small Business can take, is to find a web design company who can provide the hosting, who will set up your email accounts and install any necessary applications which may be required to run your web site, The Site should be design and built with a Google friendly Content Management System so that later on you can make updates to your website easily. The Web Designer will make recommendations to you to help with optimisation of your web site and will have affiliations with an SEO Company

Aus eCom Connections has affiliations with hosting companies and is able to provide you a domain ( name and hosting for 12 months for only $120. The web sites which Aus ecom, Design are google friendly and are normally indexed in Google within 1 week of going live. All our designed web sites are search engine optimised (we do not charge additional for this) and focused on your niche with particular attention to one keyword phrase.

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