Website Redesign

Outdated Website ??

Don’t allow your most powerful marketing tool to let your business down.
When a potential customer arrives at your site, you have less than 10 seconds to impress upon them that your business is up to date with the latest products and that the potential customer can find the products then need. You have even less on the Google Search engine results page (typically 2 seconds)

If your site appears old, or outdated it is highly likely that you may have just lost a customer.

Your website should preceisely reflect your corporate brand, as well as convey your business message. Only when your Corporate message is understood by potential customers, can you begin to convert into potential for more income for your business.

Has your business:

  1. Changed its brand?
  2. Changed your business location, fax, phone,..etc?
  3. Changed business direction
  4. Started to Sell online
  5. The same outdated content
  6. Wanted to update the content but did not know how

If this sounds familiar, perhaps you need your web site re-designed and revamped

Redesigning your web site can be as simple as freshening up the content alternatively it may mean a completely new look and image for your corporate branding.

We can show the latest technologies that can help your business become more streamlined, build a customer database and become more profitable.

No Visitors = No Sales

Understand your Business

  • Do you know how many visitors you receive each day
  • Do you know if your visitors are new or returning customers
  • Are your Website visitors trending up or down
  • Do you know where your Customers come from.

If you don’t know this sort of information, it is highly likely that you are losing out on potential customers, not know how they have found you, or even if they have found you.

All websites designed and redesigned by Aus eCom Connections will have the following features

  • Google Friendly Site Structure
  • On Page Elements are Search engine optimised
  • Images are search engine optimised
  • Analytic software installed (understand your customer behaviour)
  • Sitemap generated
  • designed with your requirements and your customers in mind

Web Sites designed by Aus eCom Connections always are Search engine freindly, have the on page elements optimsed, so that your new website is a powerful lead generation and marketing tool designed to help reach a greater audience

free web design melbourne quote

free web design melbourne quote

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