Choosing Web Site Designers

Web site designers, are no longer just WEB Site designers, they are now SEO experts. The web designer will tell you, they will submit your site to google, they will work with you and many other tales to get you to sign in on the bottom line.

The truth is; web design, is a completely different field to Web site Optimisation, the tricks that were used several years ago, will no longer work and in some case may get your web site banned or even removed from the Google index.

During 2007 Google made over 450 changes to the Google Search engine Algorithm, meaning that there was an average of 9 changes each and every week. Unless the web site designer is active within the SEO community, there is no way the web site designer will be up to scratch on the latest Google trends and best practice for Web Site Optimisation.

Selecting a Great WEB SITE Designer is as equally if not MORE important than selecting the right SEO team to get you onto page one of google. Should a web designer use flash on you landing page, should the designer us frames then you are going to need a site rebuild and making the web site design very expensive.

Before signing the contract ask the following questions…..

  • Do you use Flash to build your website/landing page ?
    • use of flash on landing page means there is little or no content for google to index, the patent which google has to read flash is not implemented fully
    • flash makes it difficult for google to read the content, why make the job harder..
    • this will result in a low google ranking and a site rebuild
  • Do you use frames to design websites
    • Frames is a technique to keep the navigation menus the same and just loading new content into the frame. This technique will result in low google ranking
  • Do they have a portfolio of satisfied customers, if not be careful.
  • Do the have a Web design process where you lay down the requirements
    • if not then you will be given a product which you may not like and have no recourse as you have not laid down the requirements
    • Project requirements means you get what you have ordered and will be happy with the result
  • Will they guide you in your copy writing so as to help you rank on page one of google. if not then you may find you content is not targeted to your customer.
  • Do they use dreamweaver to create websites
    • Dreamweaver helps a DIYer create a webpage quickly and easily however it does suffer code bloat and does not insert the meta tags automatically to help your wen page rank better
    • you will always need to ask the web designer to make updates / add new content for you
    • Netfusion is similiar program to dreamweaver and sold to small business who want to create their own website, however it ends up costing the Small business more than if they had the website developed by a Professional designer
  • Do they have their own Custom CMS (content management system)
    • Is the CMS system Google friendly
    • Is it easy to add new features