May 03
SEO seminars are a great place to start optimising your web site; taking a web page which may have no clear direction or call to actions, to a web site which Google finds interesting and relevant.

Google will start to index your web pages and your customers will find your business on the Google Search Engine Results Page. Page 1 of Google the most valued internet real estate.

This is called the on page optimisation of the web page.
The next step is the off page optimisation, getting back links to your website, driving more traffic through social networking techniques, and building a list of potential customers.

Off page optimisation is a time consuming process which MUST be done manually and slowly. Should Google find unusual activity in your linking pattern then you may get blacklisted

Attending a 1 – 3 hour SEO seminar with on page optimisation as the main topic, can be deceptive and alluring to small business. Many Small Businesses believe that they will be able to get up and running quickly and be ranking number one on Google within a matter of days.

However as only a small amount of information is presented, then it is very easy to fall into the trap of using outdated information from family and friends who know a little about web sites done several years ago. Some of this information could even get your business website downgraded in the Google rankings.

The truth is that SEO is a long process and many people give up when they realise that the short SEO training seminar which they attended, only revealed a small part of Search engine optimisation tactics and techniques.

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