Dec 29
Local Internet Marketing is all about focusing on your market and area and to ensure that people in your area know what products and services which you are offering.
Traditional Local Marketing focused on junk mail and flyer distribution,  (essentially spray and pray), spraying the whole area hoping to get a bite from someone before they through the junk mail into the rubbish.
Local newspaper advertising is going to get you into the lounge room of  your potential customers in your area and they will only see when browsing through the newspaper the week then newpaper is released, after which you must re-advertise in the newspaper to be seen again, the larger display ads becoming more expensive than the local classifieds. Heaven fobid if you want to be near the front of the newspaper or to be on a right hand page(odd page number), you will be paying more for each addition.
How would you like to be visible 24 hours a day, to be at the finger tips of everyone searching and costing less than a display ad of 3cm x 1column in your weekly newspaper (contract period of 13 weeks).
Local Internet Marketing, allows you to get similiar exposure to though with big advertising dollars, On the Internet a small business can appear to be a large business by being on the front page of google and showing up in the search results for your market segment and area.
By Targetting your area and your specific market, together we can dominate the google search results; so that you can appear on the fron page of google for all the phrases your customer is searching for.

  • Did you know that not all web pages get indexed by google
  • Did you realise that very few people go past the 2 page of the google search results…
  • Are you aware that your website will most likely not be optimised for google
  • Did you know that some SEO Companies just use pay per click
  • Did you realise Sponsored links can be subject to click FRAUD

Do not waste any more time (or money…) on advertising that does not work

Dont Hesitate,  learn how you can increase your operating profit

Benefit from Improved Return on Investment