Mar 17

Selecting a WebSite Designer

Selecting a Web site designer is a difficult process,

  • How do you know the company will work with you, and take on all your requirements.
  • Will you be geting value for money…..
  • Will the web site be effective in bringing in customers to your business..?
  • Will I even be visible in google after my web site is designed and
  • How long will it take to be included into the google index.

The worst mistake a business can make is to try and save money on the design of the web site and go for a cheap soultion which has promised to design and create 3 pages for $200- $300. This type of web site design is not going to be optimised for Google, you will not be found by customers searching for your business/product and there is no guarantee that the website will be indexed within the next 26 weeks.

The second worst mistake a business can make is to go for an expensive solution; where the designer may make a flash web site, have very little if any content, meaning that if you are lucky you may be able to rank for your business name or web domain… Unfortuantely those people who know your business name already know that you exist..

You need to target potential customers who do not know that you exist and are looking for your prodct / services. This can only be achieved by a company which integrates website design and Search Engine Optimisation from the ground up. Only this way can you be certain that you will be ranked in the Google search engine results.

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