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Local Internet Marketing

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Local Internet Marketing is all about focusing on your market and area and to ensure that people in your area know what products and services which you are offering.
Traditional Local Marketing focused on junk mail and flyer distribution,  (essentially spray and pray), spraying the whole area hoping to get a bite from someone before they through the junk mail into the rubbish.
Local newspaper advertising is going to get you into the lounge room of  your potential customers in your area and they will only see when browsing through the newspaper the week then newpaper is released, after which you must re-advertise in the newspaper to be seen again, the larger display ads becoming more expensive than the local classifieds. Heaven fobid if you want to be near the front of the newspaper or to be on a right hand page(odd page number), you will be paying more for each addition.
How would you like to be visible 24 hours a day, to be at the finger tips of everyone searching and costing less than a display ad of 3cm x 1column in your weekly newspaper (contract period of 13 weeks).
Local Internet Marketing, allows you to get similiar exposure to though with big advertising dollars, On the Internet a small business can appear to be a large business by being on the front page of google and showing up in the search results for your market segment and area.
By Targetting your area and your specific market, together we can dominate the google search results; so that you can appear on the fron page of google for all the phrases your customer is searching for.

  • Did you know that not all web pages get indexed by google
  • Did you realise that very few people go past the 2 page of the google search results…
  • Are you aware that your website will most likely not be optimised for google
  • Did you know that some SEO Companies just use pay per click
  • Did you realise Sponsored links can be subject to click FRAUD

Do not waste any more time (or money…) on advertising that does not work

Dont Hesitate,  learn how you can increase your operating profit

Benefit from Improved Return on Investment

Jun 26

Cheap Email Address – Business Startup Kit

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NEIS Students and Start up Businesses

Regardless whether you are a NEIS student or just starting your own business, Aus eCom Connections can help you get online quickly and efficiently without costing you an arm and a leg. Aus eCom Connections is able to offer a number of plans to assist NEIS students and Small start up businesses such as:

  • $20 per year business email adress (x3)
  • Effective websites (ask about our special NEIS WEBSITES)
  • Installation of a Blog
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Search Engine Optimoisation of Websites
  • Inhouse effective SEO Training
  • Free newsletter offering Effective SEO tips and more…

Money Saving tip – Starting a Business

Aus eCom Connections is happy to offer to NEIS students and New Business Start ups, a cost effective way to reserve your brand and domain on the internet as well as presenting a Highly professional image to new customers with your own Domained email address.

Aus eCom Connections will set up and reserve your domain for only $20 per year (min 2 yrs)
as well as creating up to 3 email addresses then allowing you to read you read your emails on your free email account., we also set you up so that you can access you email from anywhere on the web as well as sending emails.

When you are ready, we will work with you to ensure your website and hosting is correct for your business and that you will be found online and not hidden on page 28 of Google..

Apply Today for your
OWN ($20)* per year business email address and domain

* – min 2 years

Mar 17

Freelance Web Designer

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Selecting a WebSite Designer

Selecting a Web site designer is a difficult process,

  • How do you know the company will work with you, and take on all your requirements.
  • Will you be geting value for money…..
  • Will the web site be effective in bringing in customers to your business..?
  • Will I even be visible in google after my web site is designed and
  • How long will it take to be included into the google index.

The worst mistake a business can make is to try and save money on the design of the web site and go for a cheap soultion which has promised to design and create 3 pages for $200- $300. This type of web site design is not going to be optimised for Google, you will not be found by customers searching for your business/product and there is no guarantee that the website will be indexed within the next 26 weeks.

The second worst mistake a business can make is to go for an expensive solution; where the designer may make a flash web site, have very little if any content, meaning that if you are lucky you may be able to rank for your business name or web domain… Unfortuantely those people who know your business name already know that you exist..

You need to target potential customers who do not know that you exist and are looking for your prodct / services. This can only be achieved by a company which integrates website design and Search Engine Optimisation from the ground up. Only this way can you be certain that you will be ranked in the Google search engine results.

Aus eCom Connections – Connection Customers to your Business

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I want a Free WEB Design Quote
Mar 17

Freelance SEO Melbourne

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A Freelance SEO (Search engine optimisation) consultant is a consultant who looks after your internet presence to ensure that your business can be found in the Google Search Engine Results Page. If you are not on Page 1 of Google, your potential customers are not going to find you.

Very seldom do internet users move onto page 2 of Google or beyond. Rather when your customer does not find relevant results they try to refine the search down by locality. This has the impact that the results are now going to be more targeted than before and the searcher is going to find a result which is relevant.

Contracting out your SEO work is a positive step to helping your business survive in these tough economic times, this will ensure that your web site is optimised the best it can be for both the on page and off page optimisation techniques.

When you have your SEO work contracted out, you know there is a dedicated project manager looking after your site and that you will receive month reports covering your website page rank, visitor analysis, page view trends, and current google position.

WE will benchmark where you are initially for all items which we will be reporting on, however our focus is not simply to increase traffic but in working towards increasing the customer conversion rates.

YES I want to Contract out my SEO Work
Mar 13

Black Hat Reporting of Spam Sites

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Black Hat techniques are techniques used by some web site owners who want to push either their Products or their affiliate products. The number of techniques being classified as black hat is increasing to cover abused legitimate techniques such as alt tag spamming and keyword stuffing. Though valid at the time, the abuse by some web site operators, meant that they simply made huge lists of the keywords and inserted into the appropriate HTML tag.

Google need to clarify the rules.
However what should a internet user do should they find a site which is breaking the rules of Google and using hidden text. Should the Person be reported to google etc or should you just let it be and believe that google will find them eventually.

My feeling is that these people should be reported to google as they are taking customers away from legitimate sites and cheating is never nice to begin with..
Dave Taylor has written a very comprehensive article on reporting a competitor using black hat techniques, and the reasons behind why it should be done stating Googles policy.
Mar 13

Web Site Hosting Part 2

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WEB Designer Solutions

There are a number of solutions which web designers provide, and these all depend on how much profit the web design company is trying to make from your inexperience. regardless of which option you select, you must ensure that you have access to the source code so that you will own the source and that should you change hosting providers then you do not have to do any design of the web site again.

CMS Solutions

The web designer builds you a web page which uses a CMS, this then allows you to modify the content of your web page, they also create a number of email addresses for you and inform you how to configure outlook/Thunderbird. There should also be an option to access the email by the web. You would go to the website to log into your email. With a CMS soultion you should not have to pay extra for the addition of applications, clarify this before you proceed.

Hand Coded Web pages

These web sites are going to be the most efficient when it comes to optimising for google as you have full control over all of the elements on the web page, however to change the web page it will require the assistance of a technical person to make the web page changes, as well as; uploading the web page to the server via a ftp program. To utilise this option, you will need to get an agreed cost per hour rate for the modifications or pay a monthly subscription fee, which will include a number of updates to the web page, this subscription fee could also be incorporated into the subscription fee for SEO work.

Renting of the website

In some instances the web design company will retain full control of the domain and web host, so in effect you are simply renting the space and domain and are not in control of your own business. Taking this approach may seem cheaper in the short run, however should you wish to change your hosting provider, you may find yourself without any source code to your web site , and your domain name may belong to the web design company. This strategy should be discourage as the Long term cost is more expensive, especially considering aspects such as losing Page rank, potential customers in the migration, and the design cost associated with redeveloping the web site.

Ideal Solution

The Best Solution a new Start up Small Business can take, is to find a web design company who can provide the hosting, who will set up your email accounts and install any necessary applications which may be required to run your web site, The Site should be design and built with a Google friendly Content Management System so that later on you can make updates to your website easily. The Web Designer will make recommendations to you to help with optimisation of your web site and will have affiliations with an SEO Company

Aus eCom Connections has affiliations with hosting companies and is able to provide you a domain ( name and hosting for 12 months for only $120. The web sites which Aus ecom, Design are google friendly and are normally indexed in Google within 1 week of going live. All our designed web sites are search engine optimised (we do not charge additional for this) and focused on your niche with particular attention to one keyword phrase.

Order Web Site Hosting from Aus ecom Connections
Mar 12

Domain Name selection – Part 3

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Multiple domains and Sub domains

Should you register multiple domains then you need to ensure that either the content on the multiple domain is different to the original domain name or identify which of the domains you want as a the main domain and then use a permanent 301 permanent redirect using .htaccess file.

Sub domains and franchises

Nearly all franchises utilise sub domains for the web pages of the franchise. Should this technique be used then the franchisee needs to ensure the information on the sub-domain is different to the main web site. If the sub-domain is not different to the main site then Google will identify the sub domain as duplicate content and the sub-domain will not be indexed and as such your business will suffer. The same applies to normal website who utilise sub-domains to catch keywords, ensure that content is different and reflective of the sub-domain.

Keyword Rich Domain names

The problem with a keyword rich domain name which uses hypenation is explaining what your domain name is when talking face to face. When people search for your market segment then becuase you have a keyword rich domain name, changes are that you will appear in the google search engine results, as such there is no problem.

In order to overcome this problem register your normal business domain, (which is on your business cards) and then register your keyword rich domain(with or without any hypenation). Once the keyword rich domain name is registered then upload your website pages to the keyword rich domain name. NOTE if your business has been existing for some time, do not use this method as it will make you lose google ranking. this is only for NEW websites…. Next on your business domain name, then ask your webmaster to implement a 301 permanent redirect to the keyword rich domain name.

now you have the best of both worlds, and easy to explain web site name and a keyword rich domain name which the search engines like….

Hope this series has helped and you go forth and increase your google ranking

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