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Article Writing

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One of the hardest aspects of any SEM/SEO campaign is to write articles and submit them to article directories and to PR directories. However in doing all this, the article needs to be unique,  so how do you submit a different article to many many directories and not incur the wrath of the Google Duplicate content Penalty.
When you first start out you may try to rewrite the article several times to submit to just several directories, however you can only manage 2-3 article for several hours work, and that was not including the time it took to write the original article.
Other will tell you that you only have so many hours in the day and that you need to outsource this type of work so that you are free to work on other aspects of your business. This mean you need to find good article writers and good rewriters. A process of trial and error to find good outsourced writers.  All the while it is costing you money to have these article written and then you will only get a handful of articles.
After more trial and error you hear the term spinning, when I were growing up “Spinning” was an exercise class where people got on stationary bikes and pedalled to music and the tempo. Spinning whe it comes to Article Marketing refers to creating more unique articles, using a specific spinning syntax in the article. This was a huge advancement in creating new uniqque articles much faster. The only problem was that you needed to get a tool to find synonyms for the words in your article, you then needed to manually insert those synonyms into the article and then you needed to purchase the software to spin the article multiple times.
Along came the auto spinner software, these worked to a degree provided that you had a fairly large article to begin with, and worked by reshuffling the paragraphs or deleting paragraphs from the article. Some of the more advanced had their own synonym database in the software and pulled in synonyms directly from these, unless you read the article it; there was a tendency for the article to become gibberish.
Markov engines have been around are are reputably more accurate than other software, however these are usually on a month by month subscription (ranging from $30 per month to $100/month depending on the level of service required) and when  you are just starting out then these are not really suited and the article still needs to humanly edited.
With all these different approaches, one aspect has been ignored in the discussion so far, and that is of the learning curve, having to spend hours upon hours to learn how to use the software to create new and unique articles. In many cases; the time to learn how to learn the software, actually exceeds the time to create a second or third article. In vain you persist as you realise that you will save time the next time around, however the time to use it next time around still takes considerably longer than a normal rewrite as you are building your own personal synonym  database.
The latest incarnation is a piece of software that has in excess of 30,000 synonyms in the database (this can be added to by yourself) and allows you to highlight the the words you want to spin, you select the synonyms and then can replace all
The software is called Magic Article Re-writer and it is the only article re-writing software i can can honestly endorse as definitly saving you time and effort
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Jun 26

Cheap Email Address – Business Startup Kit

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NEIS Students and Start up Businesses

Regardless whether you are a NEIS student or just starting your own business, Aus eCom Connections can help you get online quickly and efficiently without costing you an arm and a leg. Aus eCom Connections is able to offer a number of plans to assist NEIS students and Small start up businesses such as:

  • $20 per year business email adress (x3)
  • Effective websites (ask about our special NEIS WEBSITES)
  • Installation of a Blog
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Search Engine Optimoisation of Websites
  • Inhouse effective SEO Training
  • Free newsletter offering Effective SEO tips and more…

Money Saving tip – Starting a Business

Aus eCom Connections is happy to offer to NEIS students and New Business Start ups, a cost effective way to reserve your brand and domain on the internet as well as presenting a Highly professional image to new customers with your own Domained email address.

Aus eCom Connections will set up and reserve your domain for only $20 per year (min 2 yrs)
as well as creating up to 3 email addresses then allowing you to read you read your emails on your free email account., we also set you up so that you can access you email from anywhere on the web as well as sending emails.

When you are ready, we will work with you to ensure your website and hosting is correct for your business and that you will be found online and not hidden on page 28 of Google..

Apply Today for your
OWN ($20)* per year business email address and domain

* – min 2 years

Mar 13

Web site hosting

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There are a number of options available when selecting web hosting. These options are largely dependent upon you technical ability, and your knowledge of setting up a hosting account and having access to a webmaster.

Linux or Windows Hosting

The type server will determine what type of database that you can run, it will determine the software which can run and features available to you. As a general rule, Linux is more reliable, and more software applications are available to be installed for use with your website.

One advantage of a linux hosting is that normally sitebuilder software is available to allow the user to create their own website without any html knowledge. A SiteBuilder is a Content Management System which has a number of templates available, and allows you to modify your website without any technical knowledge.

Hosting TIP : Make sure the sitebuilder software creates Google friendly sites.

One further advantage of linux; there are a large number of experts out on the internet that can help out with linux hosting problems. The use of linux allows you to use the file “.htaccess” which is widely used in blogs, and php programs.

LOW cost web hosting

If the hosting is inexpensive then this means that there have been corners cut somewhere. In most cases this usually means that you need to set up and configure your own email accounts, set up the hosting and the configuration and the type of software which you install as well as creating your own webpage (even if it is with sitebuilder). This option is best exercised when you have the support of a technical person.

Next we look at the Web Designer Solutions
Mar 12

Domain Name selection – Part 3

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Multiple domains and Sub domains

Should you register multiple domains then you need to ensure that either the content on the multiple domain is different to the original domain name or identify which of the domains you want as a the main domain and then use a permanent 301 permanent redirect using .htaccess file.

Sub domains and franchises

Nearly all franchises utilise sub domains for the web pages of the franchise. Should this technique be used then the franchisee needs to ensure the information on the sub-domain is different to the main web site. If the sub-domain is not different to the main site then Google will identify the sub domain as duplicate content and the sub-domain will not be indexed and as such your business will suffer. The same applies to normal website who utilise sub-domains to catch keywords, ensure that content is different and reflective of the sub-domain.

Keyword Rich Domain names

The problem with a keyword rich domain name which uses hypenation is explaining what your domain name is when talking face to face. When people search for your market segment then becuase you have a keyword rich domain name, changes are that you will appear in the google search engine results, as such there is no problem.

In order to overcome this problem register your normal business domain, (which is on your business cards) and then register your keyword rich domain(with or without any hypenation). Once the keyword rich domain name is registered then upload your website pages to the keyword rich domain name. NOTE if your business has been existing for some time, do not use this method as it will make you lose google ranking. this is only for NEW websites…. Next on your business domain name, then ask your webmaster to implement a 301 permanent redirect to the keyword rich domain name.

now you have the best of both worlds, and easy to explain web site name and a keyword rich domain name which the search engines like….

Hope this series has helped and you go forth and increase your google ranking

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Mar 12

Domain Name Selection – part 2

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Having a keyword rich domain name can definitely assist in your ranking efforts, this will help in the linking back of anchor text to your web site. Unfortunately most of the keyword rich damain names have been taken, so that means you need to find an alternative keyword rich domain name or find a way to use your keywords whichst still making it easy for people to find you. In the previous post i mentioned hypenation, and how it makes it difficult to explain to a person your domain name as well as typing in the domain name…

There is a method hypenation can be used and i will discuss this in an up coming post….A Keyword rich domain name can also help in getting multiple pages (the famous indent) in the google search engine results page thereby helping push down the competition.
This techniques is a technique which should be considered….

Which Domain extension

Many web designers will recommend to a business to register a “.com” and a “”, however as Google uses geo location then if your server is bases in Australia then google will identify you as a person in Australia and looking for Australian results. When your website is on an Australian server then it does not matter if you use either “.com” or “”. It is misleading and false to tell businesses that you must register both domains.

Intellectual property

In rare cases you may want to register multiple variants of the domain name to prevent other businesses from piggy backing your success and good will, however initially registering multiple variants would not make sense as there is no track record or success and should your business thrive then you can the register the other domain variants.

Domain Name Resources

Subdomains and how to use Domain name hypenation