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Truth about Blogging

The news is out and every one is talking about blogging, it is the latest must have for the business, even techno phobes and those over fifty are talking about starting a blog. However the path to salvation is not as clear as everyone who sings the praise of blogging who have you believe.

Should you go for a free solutions such as, it is owned by Google) or, or should you go for your own blog integrated into your own website/domain. A wrong decision here can see you lose alot of valuable effort and end up costing you more in productivity and profit.

Very few people know how to write for blogs (Copywriting), and to write so that the copy targets the search engines and the readers of the blog, so they want to come back and read more. This is a skill, which takes time and cannot be learnt quickly. It is only with trial and error that you learn how to write a blog(unless you are lucky to be taught how to write for a blog).

But wait, Google loves blogs, so why all this caution… The fact is Google and other search engines do love blogs, due to their fresh and unique content; however if the blog has not been set up correctly then the search engines will start to ignore your blog and it will not rank in the search engines no matter how hard your try.

This is not the last technical problem, should your blog template not be search engine friendly then you are losing page rank needlessly, and once again it is making it more difficult to rank in the search engines.

All our technical problems have been solved but still you are not getting any traffic… What has happened, Google was meant to love blogs, why am I not getting traffic… The answer is simple; you must advertise and promote you blog. This can only be achieved by time and effort by the blogger….

Imagine you are at a party and stand off in the corner and do not interact with anyone at the party. Despite the fact you may have the most interesting stories, very few people will walk over and talk to you as they are more interested in interacting with others and the discuss which is going on.

Hmmmm… perhaps Blogging is not the answer for every small business but it can work for those that are prepared to put the time and effort into blogging and participate in the discussion, for those who take some training and understand they need assistance to reach the full potential of the blogging platform.

Aus eCom Connections with One on One Training offers Blog training to individuals and companies, show how to write good copy, how to find search engine friendly blog templates, helping understand what each of the functions are and what type of blog is best for business or for personal passion..

Choose between Online Training, Inhouse Company Training, or Community training (at TAFE Colleges). There is a training option to suit every different learning style. We will help you learn how to Blog correctly..

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