Business Training

Starting your own small business is difficult, you need to be an expert in Marketing, Web site design, taxation, Book keeping, copy writing and more, and not every one has access to Business Training such as the NEIS program, making starting up very difficult.

The experts at the Business expo’s tell you to get a professional, someone who has done the work for a number of years and has a proven track record behind them. Unfortunately those professionals are expensive and when you are on a budget to get started then you simply cannot afford the professional.
some examples include

  • SEO Consultancy approx $8000-12000,
  • Web site optimisation approx $8000-12000,
  • Web site Design approx $2000-$7000,
  • Shopping Cart Set up approx $2000-$4000,
Aus eCom Connections is different, we empower small business to take control of their expenses and provide the choice between cost effective training, one on one Coaching or full Consultancy, meaning YOU are in control of YOUR small business and how fast you grow without the learning curve pain often associated with Business Growth.

Mistakes can be expensive, especially when it comes to your web site and Internet marketing. Many people do not realise that not every web page is indexed by Google and if the website and website submission is done incorrectly then it may take up to six months before you show up in Google or you may even be banned by google.
Do not make these mistakes, courses are available for

These courses are also available at both Holmesglen and Chisholm TAFE with the assistance of One on One Training