SEO Process

SEO Process – Baseline and Objectives

The best time to optimise your website for Google; is when your website is first being designed, many websites end up with a common problem that make the website, not search engine friendly. Having a Search engine friendly website design is vital as this will ensure that Google likes your web page. This is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign.

The SEO Process is an evolutionary process which much be tackled in a systematic manner, ensuring all aspects of Search Engine Marketing are incorporated into your business, goals, and objectives. These Goals and objectives are integrated into your strategic plan and marketing plan. Whilst the Key Performance Indicators help measure your progress against your baseline towards your objective.

Business Objectives

Depending where your are with your online maturity level, your business objectives are going to be significantly different. A start up may want to just be indexed and be found for a 4 keyword phrase, whereas a more mature organisation may want to increase traffic conversions and / or reduce OPEX for a Pay Per click ad Campaign. Your business may need an increase in the client email database, or drive more buyer to purchase items from your online store. All these factors are taken into consideration when setting your business objectives.

SEO Process – Foundations

The foundations are essential for your business success, getting this right at the very beginning will ensure that the later stage Continuous Improvement Cycle (CIC) Process will be shorter and more efficient driving greater efficiencies in your organisation. Patience is essential for your Success

SEO Process – Research

Understand your Market, Competitors, Customers, Staff, and what is happening on your website. Sadly many business owners are caught up in running their business, that they forget to focus on one or more of these items. An example would be forgetting that your customers are getting younger and not catering to this new demographic, you may survive a short time, but like the dinosaurs, you will become less relevant to the new generation. We take all of these factors into consideration when we take on a SEO project for your Business.

SEO Process – CONTENT and Publicity

Many SEO companies will jump straight to this step of the SEO process, skipping over the Foundations and sometimes the skipping over the Research phase (or minimization of the Research phase). If you feel your SEO company has minimised some aspects of the SEO Process, Do call Aus eCom Connections to discuss the issue (03 852 52 702). Its best to catch the problem early; before you are too far down the SEO Process Track.

SEO Process – Social Networking

This Step is often ignored by many SEO Companies, as they are from the old school; they believe that, they can rely upon techniques which have worked for years (Content and linking). During 2007 Google made over 450 changes to their search engine, this averages out to 9 changes each and every week, so what once worked may not work next week. lastly the changing face your your potential customer demographic is changing and if ignored you will become irrelevant very quickly.

SEO Process – Credibility

When all of the above steps have been taken then people will begin to trust you, they will believe that you are a credible witness and will want to do business with you. Your Customers need to know who you are, to believe that they can trust you, to know your business will be around in 12 months. This last step will come when everything else is in place.

SEO Process – On Going Commitment

Ongoing Commitment is to ensure that we measure our success in terms of return on investment, We look at where you are ranking, Look at the current trends in SEO and then make changes to improve your current conversions and ranking. The new changes are base-lined and the results are measured; resulting in the Continuous Improvement Cycle.