Selecting a SEO Company

Search Engine Optimisation is a task which is often attempted by most people who have a friend, someone who knows about web pages, and possibly has designed their own web page at some point. Unfortunately, SEO requires active participation in discussions, forums and reading of the blogs, to ensure that you have the most up to date information regarding techniques, technologies, which are the current gray hat/ black hat methods, so that you do not get removed or your ranking is downgraded in the Google index.

Which SEO Company

When selecting a company to perform web site optimisation for your company, you should be asking the company a number of questions to determine the honesty, integrity and credibility of the company.

Questions to ask a SEO Company

  • Does their SEO strategy propose a large number of pages on your website to improve you page ranking
    • The truth is you do not need a large number of pages to rank well, Better quality pages with specific targeted keywords in the header, title, description and body text, will yield better results

  • Does their strategy purely rely upon the creation of a landing page in a directory which has a large number of hits on their root directory
    • Just because a directory has a large number of hits does not mean that you will be found in google, take for instance the yellow pages, seldom do the businesses in the yellow pages appear on the first page of google. Secondly as a business you want to focus on Sale Conversions and not just the number of visitors, if you have a 1000 tyre kickers and no buyers then the SEO strategy is not effective

  • Have they incorporated Website design and construction into the SEO price
    • This is a tactic used to confuse small business about the real price of the SEO and the web site design, ask them to split the price into the SEO component and web site design component, then ask them if their CMS (Content Management system) is Google friendly or have they designed their own CMS System. If the later keep well clear of them…

  • Does the company try to be something to everyone
    • Do they offer text writing (copywriting), web design SEO, hosting all under the one banner, unless they are seperate businesses with strategic alliances then you are only going to get a below average SEO company – remember the old saying “Jack of all trades – Master of none”

  • Do they promise Number 1 ranking in Google
    • No company can guarantee to get you number 1 ranking in Google, if they promise this then have serious doubts about the company

  • Do they have a Client portfolio
    • To see the effectiveness of a company and their SEO strategies, you need to know which company websites they have they optimised, if they say they cannot mention their clients due to confidentiality clauses, then have serious doubts about the company; as websites are not confidential, also reconsider if they have anonymous comments on their website without the person or company name

  • Ask them which keywords are they ranking for
    • Any company worth their salt will tell you which keywords they rank for, if they are not on the first page and if the keyword is not related to their business keep well clear of them

  • Do they use Automated submissions
    • Ask them how do they submit to directories – if their answer is software to improve the efficiencies then steer clear as some search engine will ban you if you submit by automated software.

  • Ask them if they will submit your site to Google
    • This is trick question; as they should not be submitting to Google, they should be using other techniques to get Google to discover your website

  • Do they use Black Hat techniques
    • Research Black hat techniques on Google to understand the current Black hat techniques, though a good way to tell is to ask yourself, does this technique sound tricky, does this technique add value or content the web page, if not stay clear of the.

  • Is the Price reasonable
    • Some experts say that you cannot get good SEO for a low price, conversely just because the price is high does not mean you are getting a quality service, There may be a reason why the have a low price – eg starting out as a new company, in which case look for examples of their work and ask about their conversion rates

  • How long will the company work with you..
    • Most reputable SEO companies will work with you over a six month period to ensure that everything is on track and that you are not left in the wild after just a month, some competitive keywords may take several months to begin to rank for

  • Do they offer a Subscription service
    • This is very useful service after the initial six month period as it will help keep you on top of the market and you will not be toppled by a new startup company who is good at reverse engineering your page ranking.

  • Ask them will they optimise your website for keywords you have selected
    • This is a trick question as it is the SEO company who should be suggesting the keywords to be used, if they allow you to select the keywords then stop talking and start walking..

  • Word of Mouth and referrals
    • This is one of the best methods to selecting any company, research the companies, speak to friends to see if they know someone, log into forums and ask there if they know someone who does SEO work, taking all of the above into consideration when selecting your SEO company

  • First Impressions
    • Your gut instinct is nearly always the best judge of character, do they look right for the job, do they sound trustworthy, have they tried to impress you with big numbers and superlatives, do they answer your questions directly or have they answered the question they wanted you to ask them, be ruthless as SEO is important to your business and could damage it in the short and long term if you select incorrectly

    Hopefully this will help you make a informed decision about the SEO company that you wish to select for your companies Web Site Optimisation and SEO Strategy.