Business Process

Base line

Prior to beginning any work, we will sit down with you, to discuss your business objectives, time frame and target market. This will be laid down into a Marketing plan defining realistic Key Performance Indicators and taking a Baseline on where you business is presently is.


Our objective is to ensure that your business Sales increase. Many so called Internet marketing experts will tell you, that you need traffic to your website, the reality is that you want people to buy/use your service.

if you have 100 people visiting your website and only 3 person contact you for a quote, then this is a very low conversion rate(not so different to print Ads). However if you improve your web page and do not focus on traffic but conversions, this time you get 20 web site visitors and 12 people contacting you for a quote.

This type of conversion is not unusual for Internet Marketing, but it requires a systematic honest approach by a business who wants to see your Business Succeed.