Mar 13
Black Hat techniques are techniques used by some web site owners who want to push either their Products or their affiliate products. The number of techniques being classified as black hat is increasing to cover abused legitimate techniques such as alt tag spamming and keyword stuffing. Though valid at the time, the abuse by some web site operators, meant that they simply made huge lists of the keywords and inserted into the appropriate HTML tag.

Google need to clarify the rules.
However what should a internet user do should they find a site which is breaking the rules of Google and using hidden text. Should the Person be reported to google etc or should you just let it be and believe that google will find them eventually.

My feeling is that these people should be reported to google as they are taking customers away from legitimate sites and cheating is never nice to begin with..
Dave Taylor has written a very comprehensive article on reporting a competitor using black hat techniques, and the reasons behind why it should be done stating Googles policy.