Dec 19
One of the hardest aspects of any SEM/SEO campaign is to write articles and submit them to article directories and to PR directories. However in doing all this, the article needs to be unique,  so how do you submit a different article to many many directories and not incur the wrath of the Google Duplicate content Penalty.
When you first start out you may try to rewrite the article several times to submit to just several directories, however you can only manage 2-3 article for several hours work, and that was not including the time it took to write the original article.
Other will tell you that you only have so many hours in the day and that you need to outsource this type of work so that you are free to work on other aspects of your business. This mean you need to find good article writers and good rewriters. A process of trial and error to find good outsourced writers.  All the while it is costing you money to have these article written and then you will only get a handful of articles.
After more trial and error you hear the term spinning, when I were growing up “Spinning” was an exercise class where people got on stationary bikes and pedalled to music and the tempo. Spinning whe it comes to Article Marketing refers to creating more unique articles, using a specific spinning syntax in the article. This was a huge advancement in creating new uniqque articles much faster. The only problem was that you needed to get a tool to find synonyms for the words in your article, you then needed to manually insert those synonyms into the article and then you needed to purchase the software to spin the article multiple times.
Along came the auto spinner software, these worked to a degree provided that you had a fairly large article to begin with, and worked by reshuffling the paragraphs or deleting paragraphs from the article. Some of the more advanced had their own synonym database in the software and pulled in synonyms directly from these, unless you read the article it; there was a tendency for the article to become gibberish.
Markov engines have been around are are reputably more accurate than other software, however these are usually on a month by month subscription (ranging from $30 per month to $100/month depending on the level of service required) and when  you are just starting out then these are not really suited and the article still needs to humanly edited.
With all these different approaches, one aspect has been ignored in the discussion so far, and that is of the learning curve, having to spend hours upon hours to learn how to use the software to create new and unique articles. In many cases; the time to learn how to learn the software, actually exceeds the time to create a second or third article. In vain you persist as you realise that you will save time the next time around, however the time to use it next time around still takes considerably longer than a normal rewrite as you are building your own personal synonym  database.
The latest incarnation is a piece of software that has in excess of 30,000 synonyms in the database (this can be added to by yourself) and allows you to highlight the the words you want to spin, you select the synonyms and then can replace all
The software is called Magic Article Re-writer and it is the only article re-writing software i can can honestly endorse as definitly saving you time and effort
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